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Saturday, April 30, 2011

SCRUB-ITS are so handy!

Waste not, want not is the old saying!

So I use the netting that's around ham, turkey and other things you buy to make what I call 'Scrub-Its'! These are the handiest things to clean pots, pans, the kitchen sink etc. Plus more to clean the shower stall, bathroom sinks, and tubs! I fold the netting all up so there will be several layers making sure the edges are folded in, and then I use 4-ply cotton yarn to single crochet around it increasing at each corner (if I want corners), then I crochet a few more rounds using various types of crochet stitches. Even only two rounds consisting of one round of single crochet stitches and another round of the same, half double crochet stitches, or double crochet stitches will make a nice scrubbie or 'Scrub-It'.
I wanted to use up some colorful scraps of yarn I had leftover from other projects and this Rippling Rose Afghan is what I ended up designing. This is a huge afghan and it was sold, but not before I wrote the instructions for it. So if you would like the pattern, it is available via paypal to and upon receiving payment the pattern will be emailed to you for printing out. As always if anyone purchases any of my patterns and have any problems understanding them, I'm just an email away to help if needed.