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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mt. Laurel crocheted motif - very pretty pattern to use for tablecloths and much more!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2010 Pattern-a-Day Crochet Calendar, a year's worth of patterns. Well worth the money! Great to take on a trip with lots of patterns to pick from!

2008 Pattern-a-Day Crochet Calendar on sale ebay item # 330584124135. A year's worth of crochet patterns and well worth the money. Wonderful to take on a trip to provide you with plenty of patterns to play with!

2007 Pattern-a-Day Crochet Calendar on sale in ebay

Item # 330584122576 These calendars have a year's worth of crochet patterns in them.

They are well worth the money. Handy to take when traveling, as there are plenty of patterns to choose from packed in this neat little box!
2006 Pattern-a-Day Crochet Calendar up for auction in ebay
item # 330584117762 This calendar contains a year's worth of crochet patterns and are well worth the money.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just finished this crocheted cloth for a sofa table which matches the pattern for the Mountain Laurel Tablecloth and doily. Already finished one just like this for a large 46" X 26" coffee table. Will be making a matching cloth for a fireplace mantel which is going to be a challenge due to the shape it needs to be.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tutti-Fruiti Kitchen Set

This is one of my favorite designs I've written. The pattern consists of a crocheted towel, a towel topper, potholder, scrubbie, dishcloth, and coasters. This pattern is available through . Just do a search for the name of this set, and hopefully you can find where to purchase it.

Ruffled Rippled Afghan

Me and my wondering mind.... I decided I would start out with a square and then turn it into a ripple afghan just to see how it would turn out. So here it is!

Purple Passion Afghan

This is a small afghan I designed, and I really need to get busy and get this pattern written. This would really make a nice bedside rug or to brighten up a bathroom. The reason it is not any larger, is because I ran out of the purple yarn, and the color has been discontinued! Small afghan or not, I still love how it turned out.

Two Looks Are Better Than One Poncho - I designed the square motif for this poncho so it would be reversible. So one side looks mostly red and the other side looks mostly blue, although both sides are red/white/and blue. The long fringe was not cut to be even, but left as it was to give it a different look. If I remember right, I permitted the pattern for this reversible motif to be published in one of the Crochet Calendar-a-Day. An afghan would also be pretty made with this motif. I've never seen a crocheted motif that was reversible giving two different looks as this one does and that was exactly what I was trying to do.

Knitchee Bag \(O)/ 2011

This is a Knitchee Bag, since it is partly knitted and partly crocheted! It's not quite finished, as I plan on sewing in a lining, but haven't decided on what color or type of fabric I want to use. All the decorations on it, except the butterfly applique, is freeform crochet. I may never write a pattern for this, but if I do it won't be exactly a duplicate of this one. So this is Knitchee Bag #1. If I make another one similar to it, I'll write the pattern and it'll be my Knitchee Bag #2!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now why didn't I take a picture of the finished coffee table cloth I made using the pattern for the Mountain Laurel tablecloth! Oh well, I'll be making another one exactly like it to fit the top of a sofa table. Working on another large round doily for an end table. That will make three of those, then I'll start the sofa table cloth, and then a cloth for the top of a fireplace mantel. Pictures to follow when I finish all of this! After that a large Rippling Rose Afghan to make. Will sure be glad when this is all finished!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hook Sleevz
I invented this some years ago, but never had it patented due to it would cost over $10,000 and they are very easy to make.

You can make these out of drinking straws or plastic tubing to fit over your crochet hooks. These will help you make more uniform bullion stitches,commonly called roll stitches. Cut a slit down through the straw/tubing as straight as you can, then trim one end off at a slant and rounded as shown here in this picture.

When you make the bullion st and after you make the last step of it, you just pull the Hook Sleevz off of your hook.

Mountain Laurel Doily

This is 23" in diameter. Size 10 DMC thread using a size 6 hook, but a size 8 hook for the two rounds of edging. Same motif pattern as for the tablecloth. Going to make a total of three of these doilies, then making two long narrow cloths for a coffee table and a sofa table. Another odd-shaped cloth for a mantel, and later some smaller doilies all using this motif pattern.

Three round ripple afghans I crocheted for my grand neice's three daughters. One is in shades of pink, one in purples, and one if pinks and blues. (Click onto picture to see larger.)

Tea Set Doily and Coaster set which I crocheted and sent to a lady in Ireland. This is a vintage pattern which I found in a book I have.

Miser Bag

This is a tiny little miser bag made with size 10 thread. Shown here with a quarter so you can tell just how small this bag is. Pattern is available through me.

Autumn Burst Ripple Afghan

This is a huge afghan which was made last year for a lady at work. I don't think I've ever seen a round ripple afghan that wasn't pretty. It seems like any color combination always turns out lovely even when you think they aren't going to!

Christmas Cactus Square

This is a square I designed for a WIP (work in progress) and is now a UFO (unfinished object). I just haven't quite decided how I want the finished afghan to look. This is as close as I could get for this square to resemble a Christmas Cactus. Maybe this next winter I will get back to this and make the afghan.

Mountain Laurel Tablecloth

This is approximately 70" X 70" made for someone who has a square table, but is shown here on my oval-shaped table. It has 115 motifs, and an edging of two rounds. I crocheted this using size 10 DMC Baroque 100% cotton thread and a size 8 stainless steel hook. It took approximately 120 hours to make it taking up nearly all of my spare time for three or four months!
Messing Around With Clay, the air-dry type:
This is a tiny little head I sculpted out of clay just for fun. It fits on top of a pencil.

Flower Scrub-It

This is a scrub-it with a free-form crocheted flower on the edge. While making this one I realized I could also use recycled netting and cotton yarn to form a unique soap dish for the shower or tub by decreasing the stitches to form sides from 1 1/2" to 2" high. Any water hitting this would just drain right through it and the soap would dry instead of getting soggy on one side. Well, I got started on something else, and I haven't made the soap dish, but I still plan on making a few!

Square Scrub-It

This is a square Scrub-It made out of several layers of recycled netting and one round of sc using 4-ply cotton yarn, and another row of a combination of sc's, hdc's, and dc's making an edging.

These are a great addition to kitchen themed gift baskets. I love making gift baskets!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

SCRUB-ITS are so handy!

Waste not, want not is the old saying!

So I use the netting that's around ham, turkey and other things you buy to make what I call 'Scrub-Its'! These are the handiest things to clean pots, pans, the kitchen sink etc. Plus more to clean the shower stall, bathroom sinks, and tubs! I fold the netting all up so there will be several layers making sure the edges are folded in, and then I use 4-ply cotton yarn to single crochet around it increasing at each corner (if I want corners), then I crochet a few more rounds using various types of crochet stitches. Even only two rounds consisting of one round of single crochet stitches and another round of the same, half double crochet stitches, or double crochet stitches will make a nice scrubbie or 'Scrub-It'.
I wanted to use up some colorful scraps of yarn I had leftover from other projects and this Rippling Rose Afghan is what I ended up designing. This is a huge afghan and it was sold, but not before I wrote the instructions for it. So if you would like the pattern, it is available via paypal to and upon receiving payment the pattern will be emailed to you for printing out. As always if anyone purchases any of my patterns and have any problems understanding them, I'm just an email away to help if needed.